Our approach to consultancy is to deliver the best strategies, procedures and solutions to enable you to meet you business needs. If you, or your colleagues, would like help and support in delivering best value for your business, please feel free to contact ADW Developments and we can discuss the fastest and most effective way to support you.

Why you should use ADW Developments

  1. We listen to your needs and identify appropriate solutions to deliver the business outcomes you need.
  2. Our consultants have the training, knowledge and experience and use industry leading appraisal techniques to ensure successful outcomes for your projects.
  3. All our Clients are close and valued colleagues and we offer the best advise and support we can.  This means we do whatever we can to help you, and the project team, as we feel it best serves us in the longer term. 

Recent Projects

Recent consultancy projects include:

  • Life Costing for BREEAM: carrying out entire asset and component specification advice to achieve BREEAM credits including:
    • Commercial office developments
    • Warehouse developments
    • Swimming pools and Leisure Schemes
    • Hotel developments, Student Accommodation and Care Homes
  • Security Needs Assessments for BREEAM: carrying out a review of crime and disorder issues in the immediate vicinity, perform a visual screening assessment of the site and surroundings and identify the risks and mitigations to ensure an effective security solution the proposed development
    • Hotel developments, student accommodation and care homes
    • Commercial offices
    • Retail units
  • Adapting to Climate Change for BREEAM: To identify and evaluate the impact of extreme weather conditions arising from climate change and the buildings ability to cope with the impact of extreme weather conditions
    • University teaching facilities
    • Laboratories
    • Commercial offices
    • Hotel developments, student accommodation and care homes

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