ADW Developments achieves IMPACT compliance

ADW Developments has strengthened its embodied carbon and life cycle costing services by achieving IMPACT compliance.

IMPACT is the specification and database developed by BRE and partners to enable consistent life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle costing (LCC) of building projects.

“Achieving compliance under IMPACT means that ADW’s expertise in Life Cycle Assessment and calculating embodied carbon are officially recognised by BRE. We are providing robust and efficient embodied carbon analysis of projects, together with accompanying life cycle costing services” says Anthony Waterman, Managing Director, ADW Developments. “We provide consultancy for designers and clients to help them understand and evaluate initial embodied and life cycle carbon impacts of different design strategies, which is a vitally important tool as the building sector seeks to reduce its climate change impact as we head meet the net zero carbon challenge.”

Using our IMPACT complaint LCA software makes a significant positive contribution to BREEAM and other sustainability certification ratings. Projects using IMPACT-compliant analysis can gain additional credits under BREEAM schemes for both new construction and refurbishment and fit-out. We can demonstrate how a building design has evolved to reduce its global warming potential (GWP) and overall environmental impact.

BREEAM Made Simple – BREEAM Mat 01 Building Life Cycle Assessment

BREEAM Made Simple – BREEAM Man 02 Life Cycle Costing

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