SQSS Safety and security for BREEAM Hea 06 credit

ADW Developments provide consultancy services to deliver the BREEAM Hea 06 Security Needs Assessment.  We have an established Service Offer for the second credit under Hea 06 Safety and security.  In partnership with Security Consultants who are members of SAssociations and are considered Suitably Qualified Security Specialists (SQSS) we  provide consultancy services which meet intent of the Hea 06 credit.    

We ensure our Consultant has a practical understanding of factors affecting security in relation to construction and the built environment, and  experience in working on schemes which are similar in size, scope, nature to the development in question.  

As part of the Security Needs Assessment, we carry out a review of  crime and disorder issues in the immediate vicinity, perform a visual screening assessment of the site and surroundings and identify the risks and appropriate mitigations, both passive and active, to ensure an effective security solution for the proposed development.

In addition, we identify effective measures which support safe access to and from the building and ensure that security needs are understood and taken into account in the design and specification.

Note the BREEAM guidance states it is to be carried out at Stage 2, however there is a note within the technical manual that states, where a suitably qualified security specialist was consulted at a later stage than RIBA stage 2, this credit may still be achievable if the suitably qualified security specialist confirms that the implementation of security measures have not been restricted, impaired or are not possible as a result of their later involvement ( i.e. everything that would/could have been recommended can still be implemented).

You can achieve 1 easy credit – which has fantastic merits in terms identifying an effective security strategy for the scheme by targeting this BREEAM Hea 06 safety and security credit.

Fee Proposal

The fee for ADW Developments Limited to provide the BREEAM Hea 06 Safety and Security solution in this capacity varies depending on the size, scope and complexity of the project. That said, it is a very low cost credit which you really ought to target regardless of the BREEAM Rating you are targeting.

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