BREEAM Hea 06: Security

All schemes, whether residential or commercial, should have the appropriate planning, design and specifications to enable the wellbeing and productivity of building occupants. 

The BREEAM Hea 06 ‘Security’ category awards schemes that implement site-specific planning, design and specification recommendations from a Suitably Qualified Security Specialist (SQSS).

Following a review of local crime statistics, a visual audit of the site surroundings and a review of the current design proposals, recommendations are given to the design team to help them identify appropriate ways to ensure that safety and security issues identified are suitably mitigated.

New schemes can be designed with better security outcomes to promote the wellbeing and productivity of building occupants. 

New Construction 2014

The BREEAM New Construction 2014 standard offers two credits to schemes that demonstrate compliance, under the criteria – ‘Safe Access’ and ‘Security of Site and Building’. Our service is for the latter credit, ‘Security of Site and Building’, measuring to one credit.

New Construction 2018

The BREEAM New Construction 2018 standard offers two credits (1 standard, 1 exemplary) to schemes that demonstrate compliance.

Building refurbishment is an excellent opportunity for the design team to evaluate and improve the security performance of a scheme. Security risks and trends change over time, and differ between building types and location, making it essential to determine security solutions which are customised for the scheme.

The BREEAM Non-Domestic Refurbishment 2014 standard offers one credit to schemes that demonstrate compliance.

Meeting the Requirements

BREEAM requires that a suitably qualified security specialist prepare a report on the security characteristics of the scheme.

Security Needs Assessment - 1 Credit

A Suitable Qualified Security Specialist (SQSS) must perform an evidence-based Security Needs Assessment (SNA). This assessment takes place during the Concept Design (RIBA Stage 2 or equivalent) or later.

The Security Needs Assessment identifies, amongst other elements –

  • Study of local criminal activity and crime classifications
  • Characteristics of the local area
  • Vulnerabilities in the internal and external design
  • Criminal risks that might be created by the scheme
  • Identification of priority protection measures

The SQSS provides a report, containing recommendations that should be implemented. We will support the scheme demonstrate how recommendations can best be achieved within the current design. If any recommendations were missed, they must be justified with the SQSS.

Exemplary: Use of security rating scheme - 1 Credit (New Construction 2018)

Using a compliant, risk-based security rating scheme which complements the BREEAM Appraisal can ensure an additional credit is awarded.

We can carry out BREEAM-approved, certified SABRE assessments which provide a credible security label and demonstrate quantifiable reductions in security risks.

Our Security Needs Assessment is carried out by a suitably qualified, SABRE-registered assessor, and we can carry out the full SABRE Assessment to ensure New Construction 2018 exemplary credit is awarded.

ADW Developments has a substantial track record and the necessary experience to undertake Security studies to meet the BREEAM requirements.


Our service for BREEAM Hea 06 Security is inexpensive, worthy and a great credit to target for your project.

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