BREEAM Man 05: Aftercare (Post-Occupancy Evaluation)

Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE) is increasingly recognised as a valuable means of understanding of how a building is working for those that live and work in it. Poor building performance can impact on carbon footprint, running costs, occupant health and wellbeing and business efficiency.

To achieve one credit* under Man 05 Post-Occupancy Evaluation, ADW, as an independent party, will provide an extensive and expert POE study to gain in-use performance feedback from users of the building. Typically, this will be one year after its initial occupation.

The client or building occupier commits to carry out the POE exercise to gain comprehensive in-use performance feedback, identifying gaps between design intent and in-use performance. The aim is to highlight any improvements or interventions that need to be made and to inform operational processes.

The independent party should carry out the POE covering:

  • A review of the design intent and construction process (review of design, procurement, construction and handover processes).
  • Feedback from a wide range of building users, including facilities management, on the design and environmental conditions of the building covering:
    • Internal environmental conditions (light, noise, temperature, air quality)
    • Control, operation and maintenance
    • Facilities and amenities
    • Access and layout
    • Energy and water consumption
    • Other relevant issues.

The independent party provides a report with lessons learned to the client and building occupiers. The client or building occupier commits to pay for the POE in advance and evidence of the appointment of the independent party and schedule of responsibilities which fulfils the BREEAM criteria are acceptable to demonstrate compliance.

(* one credit under BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 and similar provisions in international and refurbishment schemes)


Meeting the Requirements

ADW Developments has substantial expertise, the recognised qualifications, and the necessary experience in undertaking POE studies to meet BREEAM requirements. Our service for the BREEAM Man 05 Aftercare (Post-Occupancy Evaluation) is inexpensive, valuable and a great credit to target for your project.

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