Designing for Durability for BREEAM Mat 05 credit

ADW Developments carries out Durability Assessments which meet the requirements for the BREEAM Mat 05 appraisal. We support the design team by identifying the typical failure modes for the internal and external building and landscaping elements and identify suitable durability and protection measures, as well as the design features or solutions for the Design Team to consider in order to prevent damage and enhance the service life.

The aim of this credit is to recognise and encourage adequate protection of exposed elements of the building and landscape, therefore minimising the frequency of replacement and maximising materials optimisation.  We work with the Design Team to ensure the scheme achieves this valuable outcome.

You can achieve 1 easy credit – which has fantastic merits in terms of best value and operational efficiencies by targeting this credit.

Fee Proposal

The fee for ADW Developments Limited to act as the BREEAM Mat 05 Designing for Durability consultant in this capacity varies depending on the size, scope and complexity of the project. That said, it is a very low cost credit which you really ought to target regardless of the BREEAM Rating you are targeting.

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