Adaption to Climate Change for BREEAM Wst 05 credit

ADW Developments carries out Adaptation to climate change appraisals which meet requirements for the BREEAM Wst 05 appraisal .  We can prepare the climate change resilience report to address the first credit and where possible to second credit in Breeam 2014-Wst05: Adaptation to climate change.  We carry out a systematic (structural and fabric resilience specific) risk assessment to identify and evaluate the impact on the building over its projected life cycle from expected extreme weather conditions arising from climate change, in line with the BREEAM guidance on same.  Our delivery of this service includes a workshop style meeting with the design team, and/ or telephone and email communications with the Architect and Engineering Consultants (typically: civil and structural engineers) to discuss  certain elements of the scheme.

Note the BREEAM guidance states this work should be carried out at RIBA Stage 2.  Accordingly, it is important you target this credit early in the project life cycle to ensure you earn this relatively easy Wst 05 Adaption to climate change credit which has fantastic merits in terms of helping to mitigate the impact of extreme weather conditions arising from climate change over the lifespan of the building.

You can achieve 1 easy credit (2 depending if other BREEAM credits are also targeted) if you target this credit.

Fee Proposal

The fee for ADW Developments Limited to act as the BREEAM Wst 05 Adaption to Climate Change consultant in this capacity varies depending on the size, scope and complexity of the project. That said, it is a very low cost credit which you really ought to target regardless of the BREEAM Rating you are targeting.

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