BREEAM Wst 01: Pre-demolition audit

An important element of the BREEAM construction waste management category is the pre-demolition audit. This audit identifies key material present on the existing site and identifies opportunities for reuse and recycling. We can identify local recyclers, set potential recycling and reuse targets, and determine the landfill diversion for the key materials.

The BREEAM Wst 01: Construction Waste Management category awards upto 10 credit for complete compliance. ADW Developments offers the Pre-demolition audit (Criteria 1), worth one credit, with potential for one exemplary credit.

The pre-demolition audit allows builders to set targets for waste management and material recycling, maximising the environmental efficiency of their planned structure.

  1. To determine the feasibility of refurbishment, eliminating the need for demolishing and constructing a new structure.
  2. To determine construction waste if a new construction is pursued, identifying materials that can be reused (or be necessarily diverted to landfill).

Meeting the Requirements


The pre-demolition audit quantifies the waste material generated from the demolition, determining viability for re-use. The material categories include: bricks, concrete, insulation, packaging, timber, electrical equipment, oils, asphalt, ceramics, plastics, metals, binders, carpeting, and various others.

Based on this assessment, our report will establish tenable goals for material recycling, re-use, and diversion to landfill.


Following BREEAM requirements, our pre-demolition report will identify local reprocessing and recycling firms. The rendered firms will be selected per local research and geographical viability.

If actual waste from the demolition variates significantly against the planned targets, an investigation will be held on the materials reused and waste management routes utilised.

Our Approach

We will conduct a site survey of the designated structure and draft a report aggregating the expected waste from the demolition.


A pre-demolition audit will require the appropriate Stage 2 (RIBA) Concept Designs or equivalent.

ADW Developments has substantial expertise, the recognised qualifications, and the necessary experience in undertaking Pre-demolition studies to meet the BREEAM requirements.


Our service for the BREEAM Wst 01 Pre-demolition is inexpensive, worthy and a great credit to target for your project.

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