Best BREEAM credits: 8 inexpensive and best value BREEAM credits


In an effort to achieve the BREEAM Excellent or BREEAM Outstanding accreditation, ADW Developments suggest you target these best value BREEAM credits. They are relatively low cost to deliver yet offer real cost savings and benefits (both financial and environmental).

The best value BREEAM credits include:

  • Man 02 Life Cycle Costing and Service Life Planning (4 credits)
  • Mat 05 Designing for durability and resilience (1 credit)
  • Hea 06 Safety and security (1 credit)
  • Wst 05 Adaption to climate change (2 credits)

The key is to identify these as necessary credits early in the project life cycle (RIBA Stage 2). These credits will ensure you don’t miss out on some relatively easy credits that also represent good value.

All our assessments are prepared in collaboration with the design team, and we also work closely with BRE and BREEAM Assessors in order to develop solutions that are compliant with the BREEAM guidance and also accepted by the BREEAM QA Team.

If you want to achieve BREEAM Excellent or BREEAM Outstanding on your schemes, target these credits to ensure your success.

Choose ADW Developments to deliver you a low cost, value for money solution and achieve the BREEAM accreditation you need.

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