Looking Forward to the 11th GRIHA Summit in Delhi

The 11th GRIHA Summit, GRIHA Council’s flagship event, runs from December 17th-18th in India’s capital, Delhi. Harish Borah of ADW Developments, who will be attending the summit, writes.

GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) is the popular green rating system in India, with a total footprint assessment of 52,502,869 m2. The theme for this year summit is “Approach to Integrated Sustainability” and aims to provide a platform for exploring innovative technologies and solutions that provide sustainable solutions for the benefit of the entire community.

ADW are proud and excited to be a Knowledge Partner for the event. We are pleased to be able to support GRIHA in emphasising Life Cycle Thinking and going forward we are more than happy to share our learnings with the Indian green building community.

We, at ADW, see adoption of Life Cycle Thinking as a natural step towards opening opportunities for ‘Integrated Sustainability’ in the building and construction sector.

By definition, ‘Life cycle thinking is an integrated approach to evaluate the environmental, economic and societal impacts of a product, process or service during its entire life-cycle’.

It will allow investors and green consultants to collaborate constructively for better decision making based on life cycle carbon footprint and life cycle costs. It will also help build investor and client confidence in the financial payback of sustainable design and construction – essential to push through the sustainability agenda in the country.

Below: Anthony Waterman of ADW Developments welcomes delegates to the GRIHA Summit

We have performed hundreds of life cycle costing (LCC) and life cycle assessment (LCA) analysis for both public and private sector clients on live construction projects. Our collective gathered practical insight on the subject, goes well beyond purely academic thinking.

We are confident that dissemination of Life Cycle Thinking know-how and tools will empower India’s green building community to make better informed choices in an increasing mature green building market.

I look forward to meeting and interacting with the attendees of the summit, and wish GRIHA the very best for the occasion!

For more information on ADW’s activities in India, go to adwdevelopments.com/india

You can contact Harish at harish.borah[at]adwdevelopments.com


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