LCC Model is a web based platform that will give unrivaled access to life cycle cost data, best practice models and reporting tools.

The LCC Model is developed in accordance with ISO 15686 Buildings and Constructed Assets – Service Life Planning Part 1: General Principles; ISO 15686 Buildings and Constructed Assets – Service Life Planning Part 5: Life Cycle Costing and PD 156865 Supplement to BS ISO: 15686-5.

The LCC Model can be used to meet the BREEAM Man 02 requirements detailed in the BREEAM UK 2014 Scheme Document and help you achieve four BREEAM credits under the BREEAM 2014 Man 02, Life Cycle Cost and Service Life Planning Credits.

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The LCC Model will enable you to carry out the following life cycle cost appraisals:

  • Service Life prediction and Life Cycle replacement forecasts
  • Life Cycle Cost modelling
  • Benchmarking
  • Risk Analysis
  • Sensitivity and scenario analysis
  • Economic evaluation of alternatives
  • Investment Appraisals of sustainable design and renewable technology specifications

You can use the LCC Model to demonstrate how life cycle costs have been considered during design. The results are shown in well presented graphical and tabular formats, to allow the practitioner to demonstrate that the specifications have been made on the basis of lowest whole life cost and value for money.

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Whole building elemental life cycle cost (LCC) analysis

The LCC Model can be used to carry out a whole building elemental life cycle cost (LCC) analysis and provide a prediction of cash flow for the whole building and, as an example, include the following cost items:

  • Construction Costs: initial capital expenditure, other construction related costs and client definable costs
  • Maintenance Costs: major replacement and repairs, cleaning, minor replacements, repairs and maintenance, allowances for unscheduled repairs, replacements and maintenance, and grounds maintenance
  • Operations Costs: windows and external services, internal cleaning, specialist cleaning, external works cleaning, fuel, water and drainage, staff engaged in servicing the building, rates and other local charges, and client definable costs

Component level LCC Plan

The LCC Model can be used to carry out component level LCC analysis. As an example on components such as:

  • Envelope, e.g. cladding, windows, and/or roofing
  • Services, e.g. heat source, cooling source, and/or controls
  • Finishes, e.g. walls, floors and/or ceilings
  • External spaces, e.g. alternative hard landscaping, boundary protection

You can compare alternative systems, elements and component levels and appraise them on a life cycle cost and performance perspective and identify those alternatives that are thought to optimize the LCC plan.

LCCmodel is the essential tool to demonstrate how building and systems design/specification alternatives have been selected to minimise life cycle costs and maximise critical value.