It is essential to check, compare and contrast your projects against similar schemes to asses if best practice has been and will be achieved.

We use best practice tools and procedures to measure the performance of all building types, at design stage and post-construction, and our approaches use expert opinion, professional judgement, user opinion, and scientific measurements to assess design quality, building performance and functionality.

Online questionnaire

The ADW Building Performance Review, BPR, is an online questionnaire designed to extract user information as to how an asset functionally performs in operation, and how satisfied building users are with the environment in which they occupy.

The online questionnaire contains pertinent questions to determine the technical ‘state’ of the building?s performance and identify if the building is meeting the users’ goals. Our approach quickly and efficiently ensures you can understand how well your asset is performing for the occupants.

The BPR questionnaire is run through our web portal, using state of the art technology to ensure efficient data collection and storage of results. Our online survey software is complete with aesthetic user-friendly features and advanced administration controls for management, integration and data analysis.

The ADW BPR uses advanced survey techniques, such as piping (the ability to use the reporting values from a previous question to inform future questions) as well as page jumping and logic, to ensure the user is only ever asked accurate questions based on previous answers.

Having carried out the survey, we use advanced statistical methods to interpret the results to ensure we derive statistically valid and dependable conclusions.

We provide details of the appraisal and the results in a well presented report which can be made available to the participants of the survey and the building’s stakeholders.

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