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Pre-demolition audit

Bespoke Pre-demolition audit service
Wst 01 Pre-demolition audit for BREEAM
Detailed quantification of material waste arisings

Pre-demolition Audit

The Construction and Demolition sector generates over one-third of all waste arisings in the UK and the wider world. Regulation of the sector through pre-demolition auditing and surveying can allow schemes to identify and quantify the types of material waste to be generated, and to further develop evidence-based strategies on how the material waste can be minimised.

What to expect from a pre-demolition audit

A pre-demolition audit quantifies the expected waste to be generated from the demolition. It then strategises how it can be best managed with the aim of encouraging circular economy options. It also identifies waste material that can be reused in the new construction or refurbishment, material that can be recycled to support a circular construction economy, and material that can be diverted from landfill into more productive uses.  Furthermore, the audit supports a conventional Resource Management Plan (RMP) by adding evidence-based information about recycling and key demolition products which can be practically considered in the project plan.

ADW Developments expertise

ADW Developments has substantial expertise in conducting pre-demolition audits that support an efficient construction waste management strategy. This includes the following:

  • Setting key targets for recycling and reuse
  • Identifying and recommending local recyclers
  • Determining landfill diversion for key materials.

Lastly, a salient benefit of a pre-demolition audit is that the process identifies opportunities of material re-use. This allows the scheme to recoup a significant volume of valuable materials through reuse and recycling which would otherwise need to be purchased new, thus promoting passive cost-savings in the scheme overall.

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ADW Developments has substantial expertise, the recognised qualifications, and the necessary experience in undertaking Pre-demolition audits to meet the official requirements.