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Bespoke Security design services
Security Needs Assessment for BREEAM
SABRE appraisal for exemplary BREEAM credit

Designing schemes for safety and security

A perceived sense of security and safety is essential to enabling sustainable and successful schemes. The fear of crime or perceived threat to physical safety can reduce the productivity and wellbeing of the scheme’s occupants. All schemes, whether residential or commercial, should have the appropriate planning, design and specifications to enable a physically secure environment.

ADW Developments has substantial expertise in helping clients design their schemes in a manner that mitigates identifiable security risks, and feature proactive security measures that improve the scheme’s security and safety outcomes. Our associate experts are certified to carry out the BREEAM-approved security risk management standard, SABRE, which offers an exemplary security label and quantifiable reduction in security risks.

Our approach to security is to conduct a Security Needs Assessment (SNA) study by an accredited, suitably qualified security specialist (SQSS). This assessment features a review of local crime statistics, a visual audit of the site surroundings, and a review of the current design proposals. Recommendations are given to the design team to help them identify appropriate ways to ensure that safety and security issues identified are suitably mitigated.

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ADW Developments has substantial expertise, the recognised qualifications, and the necessary experience in undertaking Security studies to meet the BREEAM requirements.