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Life cycle assessment

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Life cycle assessment

Construction products used in a scheme account for a substantial portion of its life cycle environmental impact. It is therefore important to make use of efficient products. A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is used to understand, consider, and reduce the overall environmental impact of construction products. A focus of LCA appraisal is to encourage the selection of construction products with low embodied emissions to reduce the overall environmental impact of the scheme through its intended life cycle.

Although increasing regulations has led to a marked decline in operational emissions of buildings, the next natural step to reduce emissions in the industry (as identified by BRE) is to target aspects of buildings responsible for embodied carbons (i.e., construction products and material). Responsible selection of construction products (enabled by LCA) allows schemes to demonstrate advanced environmental competency towards climate change as well as other regulatory obligations. 

Our approach

ADW provides expert LCA analysis which is BRE IMPACT-compliant, and we also have experience of applying BREEAM LCA methodology to a wide range of projects. Our LCA analysis and recommendations are additionally provided in accordance with the requirements specified in ISO 14044:2006 Environmental Management – Life Cycle Assessment.

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ADW Developments has substantial expertise, recognised qualifications, and the necessary experience in undertaking life cycle assessment (LCA) to meet the BREEAM requirements.