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What we do

Solutions for the built environment
Services for BREEAM. LEED, GRIHA and other standards
Tools and expert analysis to improve return on investment


We provide the essential tools, knowledge and answers, that help our clients assess the many design, specification and operation alternatives in order to realise a project that is value for money, good for the owner, the occupier, and the planet. Our services are based on sound science and rigorous assessment and designed to encourage a holistic viewpoint.

Life Cycle Costing

We specialise in the development of Life Cycle Costing (LCC) models to assess the financial cost of acquisition, operation, and disposing of a building system, whole building or multiple buildings.

LCA and Whole Life Carbon

We provide expert services for organisations wishing to reduce embodied carbon in buildings. We also provide life cycle assessments of projects, using LCAs to reduce impacts and develop low carbon designs.


We provide security needs assessments for projects to ensure that security and safety is taken into account at an early stage. We can also provide enhanced SABRE assessments.

Climate Change

We help clients design schemes with solutions that will help reduce the probable impact of climate change on its performance and durability. Our consultancy creates localised recommendations based on the unique characteristics of the scheme.

Durability and Resilience

We help create projects which are designed with durable materials, are less prone to deterioration and require fewer repairs and maintenance across their lifecycle.

Pre-Demolition Audits

A pre-demolition or pre-refurbishment audit is an opportunity to quantify material waste from demolition to maximise circular economy performance. Our audit quantifies the material waste and identifies opportunities for recycling and cost-saving.

Post-Occupancy Evaluation

We conduct Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE) to help clients understand the actual performance of their occupied schemes relative to the intended in-use performance, creating an objective, data-based view of the building that can be used for performance optimisation and design lessons.

Circular Economy

We can provide circular economy statements for projects to demonstrate how a development will incorporate circular economy measures into all aspects of the design, construction, and operation process.

We cover all impacting facets of Life Cycle Thinking and environmental sustainability.