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We are ADW Developments

Inspiring Better Choices for the Built Environment


Within the built environment, you have a plethora of choices and decisions to make. 

During his early career as a construction economist, our Founder and Director, Anthony, noticed that the choices involved in built environment decision-making were only going to increase in amount, and in importance, over the coming years. This is still the case today.


Guided by this foresight, Anthony saw an ever-growing need for thorough and detailed consultancy within the construction industry. As an economist with a passion for sustainable construction, Anthony saw these two factors as paramount to his clients, i.e. financial prudence and environmental responsibility.


As our clients in the built environment, you know that you have a plethora of choices and decisions to make, in order to achieve better project outcomes.


At ADW, we help you identify and assess solutions for efficient and sustainable design, specification, and through-life building performance.


With our help, you can deliver projects that are economically, environmentally, and socially successful, throughout the life cycle of the building.


We provide assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, for example BREEAM and GLA. Our services are detailed, informative and pragmatic to promote best practice and to Inspire Better Choices.

We see our clients as valued colleagues.

Please connect with us to discuss how we can support your project and your business needs.