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Circular Economy Statement

Circular Economy Statement for London Plan
Connects to Wst 01 Pre-demolition audit for BREEAM
Circular Economy guidance for other environmental assessment methods

Circular Economy Statement

Material reuse is a core pillar of modern construction practice – reusing materials at their highest value can reduce construction costs and reduce the embodied carbon cost of a project. A Circular Economy Statement (CES) is a detailed appraisal of the potential material that can be reused from an existing project site.

The Greater London Authority’s Circular Economy Statement, as part of the broader London Plan, aims to promote the use of Circular Economy practices in London’s construction sector. The CES quantifies the material that can be conserved, promotes longevity and adaptability of material, and retains material waste at its highest value.

ADW Developments has substantial expertise in helping clients quantify the Circular Economy potential of their schemes and to identify solutions for the longevity, durability, and modularity of their built assets, creating long-term value for their triple-bottom line.

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ADW Developments has substantial expertise, the recognised qualifications, and the necessary experience in undertaking Circular Economy Statements to meet the London Plan requirements.