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Adaptation to Climate Change

Bespoke climate change mitigation strategies
BREEAM Wst 05 Adaptation to climate change
Evidence-based climate hazard assessment

BREEAM Wst 05 Adaptation to Climate Change

To achieve a BREEAM credit for Wst 05 Adaptation to Climate Change, ADW offers a compliant systematic risk assessment for ongoing and new schemes. This assessment brings together local climate and flood-zone data to identify and quantify potential climatic hazards to the scheme’s structure, fabric, and building services. 

The output is a risk management plan and evidence-based recommendations that ensure your compliance with BREEAM Wst 05.

The effects of climate change are expected to bring about more extreme and unpredictable weather. For example, some places are likely to become hotter, some wetter, and others drier. It is therefore essential to use long-term project value to mitigate the impact of these climatic changes on the project. Schemes must be resilient to hazards posed by extreme weather, while at the same time avoiding over specification and unnecessary resource depletion.

Rising temperature, sea level, and mean precipitation rates in the UK are expected to increase the recurrence of flooding and climate-related damage to buildings and infrastructure. As a result, current infrastructure has to be adapted to function effectively despite these changing climatic patterns.

New buildings and infrastructure have the advantage of being designed with climate predictions incorporated into the design, making it easy to incorporate design choices that minimise the impact of climate change on the scheme’s future performance, material durability, health and safety, and business activities.


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