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Explained: BREEAM Hea 06 Security Credit

by | April 15, 2021 | Hea 06, security

How important is safety? The first thing any buyer checks in a property, whether it be an apartment or office, is how secure are the facilities around it. Could someone easily break-in? Are there any security cameras nearby? What safeguards are there to discourage theft and other crimes? All these questions deserve an informed answer from qualified security and safety experts, easily achievable by the BREEAM Hea 06 ‘Security’ credit.

BREEAM accreditation (in New Construction and other manuals) allows builders to achieve and showcase proper Safety and Security standards in their structures. This accreditation gives customers a proper peace of mind that their investment is secure – this alone is a big impression. BREEAM offers builders one credit for attaining a high security standard in their structure, called HEA 06: Safety and Security.

Achieving this credit is a thorough process. BREEAM requires that a ‘Suitably Qualified Security Specialist’ must perform an empirical appraisal of the structure (the design and location) called a Security Needs Assessment. This specialist must meet various rigorous requirements; minimum five-year experience, advanced education in security, and membership of a professional peer-reviewed, code-driven security association.

The security needs assessment is a thorough appraisal of a structure and its locality. The security specialist critically examines the structure on various criteria;

  1. Are there any vulnerabilities in the internal and external design? 
  2. Does the structure create any criminal risks? 
  3. What is the crime rate in the area?
  4. What are the most efficient ways that risks can be reduced, and effective safety can be achieved?

The security expert then provides credible, evidence-based recommendations on how security risks can be mitigated. By applying the specialist’s recommendation, builders can assure that their scheme adheres to the latest, best-practice security standards.

ADW Developments simplifies the process of obtaining a credible Security Needs Assessment. We have an expert panel of security specialists, ready to provide you a tailored, BREEAM-certified appraisal. Our assessment is a derivative of the UK police’s methodology, Secured by Design (SBD), combining police recommendations and best-practices to deliver a credible and effective appraisal.

As BREEAM experts, we understand the importance of designing buildings to excel standards with the least hassle and costs as possible. The HEA 06: Safety and Security is one of the easiest, simplest, and cheapest BREEAM credits to achieve in your scheme portfolio that also has excellent value in increasing clients’ satisfaction and peace of mind.

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Waqar Ahmed
Waqar Ahmed

Waqar is a Researcher at ADW. He is a sustainability warrior with a primary role of contributing to the development of new service offerings and to enhance existing services at ADW. Waqar has led on the development of our Material Durability and Climate Change consultancy service offerings. He is also engaged with on-going business development and client feedback initiatives.

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