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Post-occupancy Evaluation

Bespoke Post-occupancy Evaluation and scheme performance studies
Post-occupancy Evaluation for BREEAM
Post-occupancy Evaluation for other Environmental Assessment Methods

Post-occupancy Evaluation

No metric can measure the performance of a building better than the review of its occupants – the people who use its services and assets. A post-occupancy evaluation provides actionable data on the performance of a building. This consequently provides valuable insight into how buildings function in various environments, and the occupancy-related factors that impact their performance.

A post-occupancy evaluation is a structured study that gathers comprehensive in-use performance feedback. This in turn can be used to identify gaps between design intent and in-use performance. This data is used for continual improvement in building design methodologies, and to optimise the performance of a built asset. Poor building performance can impact on carbon footprint, running costs, occupant health and wellbeing, and business efficiency.

A Post-Occupancy Evaluation is a long-term (typically, 1 year) commitment where the building’s occupants are surveyed about their perceptions on the building’s performance. ADW Developments has a substantial experience in conducting detailed post-occupancy evaluations based on a dedicated, evidence-based survey approach.

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ADW Developments has substantial expertise, the recognised qualifications, and the necessary experience in undertaking Post-occupancy Evaluations to meet the BREEAM requirements.